A poem by Kim Stafford

We were fortunate enough to have Kim Stafford speak at our recent webinar. Afterwards he sent a poem he’d written on the day, which he’s kindly agreed to let us share here.


Creative Words for Wellbeing

— for my friends in Scotland

To help the hurt, any shaman knows,
you chant the right few words
to kindle resonant silence
so a listener may surrender
to healing from within.

The chant of the shaman
will be words that taste good,
that soften strife and gentle fear,
words that sing you into silence
where your soul may heal.

How do you find the few right words?
Listen, wonder, notice, follow, find.
Forsake your striving. Do no harm.
Somewhere in you, if you listen well,
your shaman lullaby sings you awake.


Kim Stafford
25 June 2020

(You can see Kim’s webinar presentation here.)

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