Climate Crisis: Looking our Demons in the Eye

Lapidus Scotland is pleased to be presenting a two-part online writing workshop with Linda France, on 17 and 24 October.

Linda France is Climate Writer with Newcastle University and New Writing North. Her reading of the Climate Crisis is that everything is connected – in the human and beyond-human worlds and our inner and outer lives, requiring both personal transformation and collective action. In these two workshops we will explore ways to tackle what can feel like an overwhelming, unwieldy subject to write about. By asking questions, framed as Why, What, How and Who, we can work on gaining clarity, defuse some of our anxieties and harness the reliable wisdom of our most authentic and strongest voice. Knowing ourselves and our demons better helps us take greater care of ourselves and others, enhancing our sense of connectedness and our capacity to meet challenge and change.

The first session (17 October, 14.30-17.00) will generate a new piece (or pieces) of writing, which can be worked on during the subsequent week to share and discuss in the second session (24 October, 14.30-17.00).

A link to enable you to attend will be sent in advance of the sessions (delivered via Zoom).

The webinar is free, though donations are appreciated. Tickets can be booked via Eventbrite.


3 thoughts on “Climate Crisis: Looking our Demons in the Eye

  1. Hi there have booked the first session but unable to book the second one.
    Anyway, looking forward to it.

    1. Hi Trisha,
      thanks for booking this event. You just need to book for the first session – there’s no separate booking needed for the second. (We didn’t want people only booking for the second.)
      Best wishes,

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