Everything Goes Out Dancing

Pat Sutherland has attended many Lapidus Scotland groups over the years, and her work featured in our anthology Seven Journeys.

Playspace Publications has just published a collection of poems by Pat, Everything Goes Out Dancing.

Of her work, Stephen Beattie writes: ‘Every aspiring poet has the desire to become the best they can be, and everyone can learn the technical aspects of the craft and become competent, but very few have the gift that raises their work to a higher level and Pat has this gift. She has the ability to observe the ordinary and transform it into the extraordinary plus a keen eye for the emotional detail that lifts a poem to a higher level. This is a collection that deserves a wide readership.’

The book is available via the Playspace website. Playspace has kindly agreed to donate 50% of any profit to Lapidus Scotland.

84 pages – paperback
£9.99 plus postage
ISBN 978-1-8384068-4-4

Pat Sutherland head and shoulders shot

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