Improvised Bodies

Kibble Scribblers is a writing group established by Lapidus Scotland some years ago, and now operating semi-independently. The group usually meets at the Kibble Palace in Glasgow Botanic Gardens, with some sessions led by guest authors. Recently the group took part in a workshop led by Lin Li, together with Sukhema (Larry Butler).

The workshop used still and moving images as writing prompts. Some of the images were from Improvised Bodies (IB), a collaborative project undertaken by Rachel Beckles Willson and Lin Li.  Others were images provided by individual Scribblers members.

During the workshop participants wrote individually and shared what they had written, while there was also a collective writing exercise at the end, which used a short video clip from the IB project as a prompt. Participants created a poem together by saying out loud their suggested words, which were typed into a computer and projected for everyone to see and work on together. The whole process was spontaneous, quick, and truly collaborative, and the collective poem ‘Proposal’ was born.

After the workshop, each participant recorded parts of the collective poem and their audio recordings were then edited into this video.

Those members of Kibble Scribblers who took part were Chris Croft, Pene Herman-Smith, Debbie Macrae, Kay Ritchie, Pete Stuart, Sukhema (Larry Butler), Patricia Sutherland and John Young.

Lin Li would like to develop her collaborations with writers and facilitators of writing groups. If there are other groups in Scotland who would like to try a workshop like this, they are welcome to get in touch with Lin via her website. For more about her collaboration with Rachel Beckles Willson click here.

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