Owl vision makes you aware of what is happening on the edge of your vision as well as in front. Start by facing straight ahead and spreading your arms out at shoulder level. owlThen bring your arms around so you can just glimpse a hand out of the corner of each eye. That is your entire field of vision defined. Now you need to keep watching everything in that field of vision equally rather that fixing on one point or another and being only dimly aware of what is happening on the periphery. It is as though you become more a part of the rest of the world; you feel and experience your surroundings more intensely, directly and freshly….This widening of the eyes sharpens all the senses.


Now walk for 1000 steps using owl vision. At exactly the 1000th step – Stop. Listen. Look. Touch. Smell. Maybe Taste too. There will be something – some Thing – there that speaks to you. Take a note of what it says in words or images and bring it back to your house or Centre to display or share with others or post on Lapidus Scotland blog.