Dreams of Home


1. Free Writing on the theme of going home

The writing can be about
the journey itself;
the feelings the thought of going home brings to you;
arriving at your destination.

2. My House Dreams…

Take a piece of paper and draw in six squares.
Name the squares as six rooms or areas, including backyards, gardens etc, in which you lived while a child between the ages of, say, 5 and 12.
Finally, furnish the rooms or areas with some objects you remember from that time and any memories which either the objects, or the spaces themselves, bring to mind.

3. Read ‘No. 115 Dreams’ by Jackie Kay

And No. 115 dreams of lovely houses by the sea.
And No. 115 dreams of one night in the country.

You can read the whole poem here.

Using Kay’s poem as a flexible template write your own poem about your childhood home.
Write in the voice of either the objects or the spaces.
Share your writing with the group.

Gordon Meade