Waypoints (Tarbet to Inversnaid)

Bev Schofield

Bev Schofield, Water Story

When sailors are planning a journey there are many variables that they need to take account of in plotting their course. Since all calculations must be made in straight lines we start with waypoints – turns in the course of the journey, some major and some almost imperceptible.

Use a coloured pen on the map provided to plot our course on the passage to and from Inversnaid today.

Loch Lomond

The Past – your track to date

Your track is the part of your journey already done. Look back at your life and consider what the waypoints were.

Who were the crew, who were passengers and how did you weather the storms?
Did your vessel serve you well?
Are there any modifications you would like to make?

Do this on the outward journey to Inversnaid.

The Present – your vessel and current conditions

Exactly where are you?
While at Inversnaid find a place and moment to be utterly mindful of your surroundings. Then let your consciousness expand to consider exactly where you are in your life without casting back or worrying forward – just keep bringing your thoughts back to the present moment and your present life.
What condition is your vessel in?

Do this onshore at Inversnaid.

The Future – casting off on the next leg of your journey

Where are you headed and why?
Can you plot the waypoints and think of any conditions you need to take account of?
Notice that this paragraph is much shorter than the previous two; we simply don’t know!

Do this on the return journey from Inversnaid.

Some Variables

  • Vessel
  • engine
  • fuel
  • distance
  • timing
  • light
  • depth
  • tides
  • weather
  • wind direction & speed
  • course
  • wind over tide
  • crew
  • passengers
  • supplies

Recovery – closing session

You are the captain of your vessel. Despite all the best planning in the world, things will happen, will come at you, things for which you could not plan and over which you have no control. However you do have complete control over how you respond to the change in circumstances. The success of your endeavour will depend on the preparation of your vessel.

Bev Schofield