Launch of Words Work Well for All Anthology

Lapidus Scotland has launched its latest anthology which brings together a rich collection of writing and art from the project ‘Words Work Well for All’ which ran from September 2017 to March 2019. Writing, storytelling and art activities for wellbeing for people living with, or affected by, long-term health conditions took place in a range of inspiring and healing settings across Glasgow. The resulting book is a powerful testament to the power of words to inspire and help us through difficult times and beyond.


Copies are available to buy price £5.00 plus p&p by emailing


‘This is a true anthology, from the Greek anthos, ‘flower’, and  –logia, ‘collection’: a gathering of flowers. The editors have collected choice poems, and extended that choice to other writings in prose, to create a flourishing garden where the reader may wander and gather at will. The writers speak clearly to us of experiences that have been lived: a deep knowledge of human nature is reflected in their lines.’

Valerie Gillies


Words Work Well for All has been funded by Awards for All Scotland, Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership via the Wellbeing for Longer in Glasgow Fund (managed by Impact Funding Partners), Glasgow Life and through the Scottish Book Trust’s Live Literature Fund.


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