New Toolkit Resources

Over the past couple of months, we’ve added a number of resources to our tools page.

We set up this page to help facilitators with group work. Now groups can’t meet face-to-face, there are lots of ideas that you can use if you’re meeting online, as well as for writing on your own.

The recent additions are

Communicating Pain by Bev Schofield, using ideas which came out of Bev’s recent experience of back pain, and how it impacted on her life and outlook

Dreams of Home by Gordon Meade, looking at ideas of going home, a childhood home, and Jackie Kay’s poem ‘No.115 Dreams’

Living the Questions by Jo Davidson, where ‘expression, reflection and processing is not just about getting to answers, it’s also about giving proper space for questions to arise’

Sheer Silence by Larry Butler and Valerie Gillies, considering where we can find peace, and how we can learn to listen

The Two Worlds by John Glenday, looking at how we can build bridges between what’s outside ourselves, and what’s inside

Waypoints (Tarbet to Inversnaid) by Bev Schofield, taking sailors’ methods for planning a journey to reflect on past, present and future

What’s Your Favourite Film? by Donna Campbell, which she describes as ‘a great way to get people started [writing] and for them to think about what qualities in life are important to them’

Wondering by Mandy Haggith, based on workshop activities focussed on trees, which can also become a daily practice for wellbeing

Keep an eye out for further additions soon, and don’t overlook all the other great resources available on the Tools page!

1 May 2020

“I’ve started to write a book….” by lo83 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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