No Quasimodo clang

A group of us met online on National Poetry Day (1 October) to compose a renga. Lapidus Scotland has run renga events in the past, such as this one, but these were always face-to-face.

Working online, it took a little while for us to find our online rhythm, but we soon did, and the Chat function on Zoom worked pretty well as a way of sharing our verses after each round. The result of our writing is below.


No Quasimodo clang

subdued autumn light
and these late flowers that have
held off until now

a robin chirrups at 6am
warming the chilled air

hopping back and forward
like my thoughts
unable to settle

coats hats gloves scarfs jumper woolly tights layer
or not to layer

Christmas cards
how many less this year?
no forwarding address

are you cutting me off forever?
my heart’s still joined to yours

daffodils, there you are
yellow, brave, forge through ice
new day’s here

tiny bell at a shrine
no Quasimodo clang

little kids playing barefoot
the grass tickling their toes
squishing the sand in the sea

A 9-verse renga in lockdown autumn for National Poetry Day, October 1st 2020

Sheena Blackhall
Ken Cockburn (host)
Jo Beth Gray
Catrice Greer
Gerry Loose (master)
Angela McLauchlin
Wilma Rainey

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