Phantoms of the Outside and In

A Half Nijuin Renga in an autumnal August at An Inn for the Phantoms of the Outside and In


Pull back the curtain
see the phantoms dine.
Breaded sole, anyone?

Marvel at the orange, yellow and faded browns
their falling colours rhyme

crunching underfoot playing
the moon briefly hanging
can we see the man in

out again
and the ball is lost

cold creeping climate
rushing in
dark white lining barred in

I will not rest
until I find the door

my heart is open
meet me by the tree
chains of love endure

green springing from
deathly cold hallows – to taste the grain

finches dangle
from the buddleia
beware the gardener

cutting, slicing, preparing
an exquisite feast

the living ain’t easy
six long weeks
and how to entertain them?

they will follow their own lives

Verses by: Jo, Eileen, Fiona, Lynne, Annie, Maggie, Morven, Heather.

Host: Morven
Master: Colin
Guide: Gerry

Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute
Saturday 7 August 2018

Note: the title of the renga is borrowed from that of a sculpture by Martin Boyce at Mount Stuart.

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