tarantella: an online renga


an online renga written in March & April 2021 by members of Kibble Scribblers

white hail stones bounce
drumming universal rhythms
our eyes bulge – bright smiles

prattle patter on the tin roof
prayers as fragrant offerings rise

sweating on bikes
spring showers seep to our bones
we like indoors best

holy fires within touch hearts
red clouds twirl tarantella

a piping wren
music bigger than itself
garden scents each note

dragon spitting sparks
gold warmth singes & flares

volcanos breathe rock
epic sky ignites horizon
we rush to the ocean

hearing touching a burnt core
welcomes the cool salty spray

drowning in sadness
the trees bow down to the loch
flip-flop exhausted

after the storm settles
time to slumber in the sun

under blue scorches
green grows to damp brown loam
pink blossom on trees

barefoot on dew-soaked grass
living water & words of earth

taste the bread of life
trickles return to rapids
another goal scored

stretch up then root down
inhale & exhale silence

candlelight shimmers
fills the air with vanilla
mindful spa essence

our shadows dance on walls
our laughter echoes off hills

let’s bottle the moment
split april through march
cracking river ice

we melt diamonds in our hands
squeeze a blessing for summer


James Bollen
Sheila Buchanan
Larry Butler (weaver)
Chris Croft
Debbie Macrae
Anne McNamara
Kay Ritchie
Pete Stuart
Pat Sutherland
John Young

‘Tarantella’ is an on-line renga. It was an illuminating process arising from an end of session writing challenge. I invited the Scribblers to send me up to five lines in prose, or a poem in the style of renga: three lines followed by two lines, using as many senses as possible and invoking the elements. I then wove the words into a renga. It took ten drafts – emails back and forth. Thanks also to Aileen Paterson for her painting.

Larry Butler

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