What’s Missing?

We invited readers and contributors to the book Living Our Dying to send us topics not included in the book, and places where readers could find out more.

The list is never ending! But from those responses we have produced a new book, What’s Missing? from the book Living Our Dying

Topics covered in What’s Missing? include Animals, Celebrants, Do Ya Wanna Funk?, Epitaphs, Forgiveness, I Remember, Late Life Crisis, Music, Recomposing, Thanatophobia, Vanishing Languages…

Contributors include Alec Finlay, Christie Williamson, Gerrie Fellows, Lin Li, Linda France, Robin Lloyd-Jones.

What’s Missing? from the book Living Our Dying
Edited by Sheila Templeton & Sukhema Butler
56 pages
ISBN 978-1-8384068-3-7
Published by Lapidus Scotland & Playspace Publications, April 2023

Available from Playspace Publications

Also available as an e-book from Gumroad



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